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Specific Learning Disabilities: Spelling Disorder 


Spelling Disorder is one of possible symptoms of Specific Learning Disbilities. It is characterized by the inability to spell correctly and to learn and remember spelling patterns and words. It affects spontaneous writing as well as dictation exercices. Among spelling disorders, dysorthographia affects more specifically the spelling of words, and there are forms of spelling disorders that affect sound-letter correspondances, and other forms that affect ability to use grammatical rules. Other writing skills include being to plan and produce a coherent text and complex ideas in writing, and those skills can also be affected by a writing disorder. Spelling disorder is a specific subset of writing disorders, and the other possible writing problems are manifestations of complex and global language disorders. Often, reading and writing disorders are seen in the same children.

Dysgraphia is a different problem that in itself does not involve language skills; it is a problem with the motor skills required to print properly at a sufficient speed, with clarity.


Spelling Disorder conclusion? Yes, but more importantly: Treating Spelling Disorders and other Writing Disorders 


As with Dyslexia, an assessment will help determining the presence (or not) of a Spelling Disorder, its causes and the presence of other writing disorders. Normally, written expression is assessed in all assessments in written modality of language, including assessing reading, writing and all aspects of language skills that affect both the oral and written modalities. Your Speech and Language Pathologist will help determine intervention and treatment priorities in writing skills, know which language dimensions will also require treatment, and will help determine if computer aids (and which) are appropriate. We will also be able to support the school in suggesting adaptations and teaching and evaluation strategies adapted to the specific case. Student succes is our priority!


Possible Symptoms (varying from case to case and with causes) 


Examples of problems that come with Spelling Disorders and other Writing Disorders :

  • Slow and hesitant written production, and poor achievement in written texts ;
  • Persistent spelling, grammar and coherence errors ;
  • Errors copying words and sentences; errors with word boundaries ;
  • Wrong number of syllables, words written together, omitted words ;
  • Incapacity for written expression as compared to same age peers ;
  • Incapacity to meet Grade requirements in writing skills.